At 澳门赌场网赌信誉网址大全, you can choose between 124 degree programs and 88 academic certificates. Housed amongst 12 academic divisions, our dynamic academic programs and excellent faculty hand you the keys to explore your academic interests and get started towards your future aspirations.

Business, Engineering and Technology

Immerse yourself in the latest business theories and practices. Execute drafting and design techniques. Develop technological expertise. Constantly evolving to address these ever-changing industries, our programs will increase your job skills and prepare you to obtain both stable and gainful employment.

Business, Engineering & Technology Division


Basic reading and writing skills to advanced composition, literature, and critical thinking. We provide the core reading, writing, and literature courses for all students at PCC as well as offer a diverse degree that delves into the studies of composition, reading, literature, and creative writing.



The 健康科学 Division offers a variety of certificates and degrees leading to dynamic and rewarding careers in the health care profession. Get the relevant, hands-on education you need to be successful in these high-demand career fields.



theory courses. Be physically active and healthy with our kinesiology activity and nutrition classes. Compete on the field/court/pool and join an accoladed history of 蓝瑟的学生运动员。

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Bringing together 13 foreign languages, 英语作为第二语言 (ESL), American Sign Language (ASL), and linguistics, our courses offer opportunities to learn the vocabulary and grammar of a language, recognize and understand the value of different cultures and diversity, and better understand human language and language behavior.

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With online courses in almost every subject, our 远程教育 programs make 采取从PCC班 随地 a reality. Our 图书馆 supports your academic and research needs — both on campus